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Saturday, December 14

Final Schedule

#TGF  #TomballGermanFest

Grady Und Sandra Platz

MCs Katerina, Valina Polka, Glen Renfro

10:30a – 12:30p: TubaMeisters

12:30: High School German Club

12:45: High School German Club

1:00: Das Ist Lustig

3:00: High School German Club

3:15: High School German Club

3:30: Squeezebox with Mollie B and Ted Lange

5:00: Das Ist Keine Kunst German Folk Dance Troupe

5:30: Das Ist Lustig

7:00: Stein Holding Contest sponsored by Texas Beer Bus

7:30: Squeezebox with Mollie B and Ted Lange

8:30: Stein Holding Contest sponsored by Texas Beer Bus

9:00: Squeezebox with Mollie B and Ted Lange


Telgte Dancehall Stage

MC Heidi Holadio

10:30a – 12:30p: Auf Geht’s Musik

11:05a: Opening Ceremonies and Keg Tapping

12:30: Chicken Dance Contest sponsored by Lustig Tours Holiday

1:00: Auf Geht’s Musik

2:00: High School German Club

2:15: High School German Club

2:30: Auf Geht’s Musik

3:30: High School German Club

3:45: High School German Club

4:15: Walburg Boys

5:30: Yellow Rose Clogging Team

6:00: Walburg Boys

7:00: Rathkamp German Folk Dancers

7:30: Walburg Boys

8:30: Das Ist Keine Kunst German Folk Dance Troupe

9:00: Walburg Boys


Rybak Party Stage

MC Edita

10:30a: Dujka Brothers

12:00: Schnappsidee

1:00: High School German Club

1:15: High School German Club

1:30: TubaMeisters

2:15: Dujka Brothers

4:15: Schnappsidee

5:30: Chris Rybak Band

7pm: Houston Show Choir Ensemble

7:30: Chris Rybak Band

8:30: Rathkamp German Folk Dancers

9:00: Chris Rybak Band


Warsteiner / Ziegenbock Wiesn

MC Tony Swonke

10:00a: Evelyn Billington

11:30a: Polkaraoke with Isaak Klaus

12:00: Evelyn Billington

1:00: HomeBrewed Brass

2:00: Evelyn Billington

2:45: Home Brewed Brass

3:45: Learn to make Balloon Animals with David G Wonders

4:15: TubaMeisters

5:00: Sinterklaas’ Story, meet and greet

5:30: Great Beard Contest sponsored by TBA

6:00: Kevin Anthony

7:00: Fairy Tales told by TBA High School German Club

7:30: Kevin Anthony

9:00: Kevin Anthony



11:00a – 3:30p: Rebecca Huck

4:00p – 8:30p: Isaak Klaus


Strolling Saturday 

Gene Hackemack, David G Wonders, Ghillie The Elf, Sinterklaas, Houston Show Choir, TubaMeisters